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We are located at Flowers Hill in Brislington Bristol. We are there most Sundays. Feel free to pop over and say hi.

Please contact us as we are not there every week. 

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Email us for more information on events, membership or just for more information.

We do participate Press, TV & Film work. Please get in touch for more information.

We do not hire our buses out for Weddings!!



Join! its only £15 a year. Junior membership is only £10.

You can get involved or support our work from a distance.

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It is likely that all of our events and others will be postponed. We do not know when any events will be back on. Like everyone we just need to wait an see how Covid 19 continues to affect our day to day lives. Keep safe and well.

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LAE 13

More work going on! Interior starting to look better!

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536JHU gets some paint!

More paint and preparation to get her ready for the summer!

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Meal OUT

Thanks to all the members that attended out meal out on Sunday 22nd Feb

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HHW 920L

After a much needed floor replacement, the RE was taken to have its yearly MOT which it passed.  It was then prepared for a trip to Alton Bus Rally on the 15th of July but unfortunately didn’t make it as the fuel lift pump failed.  All members on board were recovered safely and made it…

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KHU323P’s new chassis member.

Upon close inspection of KHU323P’s chassis, it was clear that there was some work needed to the Near side chassis member. After some searching, a company was found that would produce a new chassis member for what was needed. The new piece of chassis has been fitted and welded into place, the whole chassis has…

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HHW920L – Bristol RE – C1307

Its MOT time! A MOT has been booked! The new floor & flooring have all been fitted, all seat frames painted.

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L503 VHU Gets a re-trim.

L503 VHU receives a re-trim to replace the old tired Moquette with new ‘Eye’s Down’ Moquette.

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We’re a bus preservation group based in Bristol. We own, maintain and run a collection of vintage buses and associated artefacts, and we’re experts on Bristol’s bus operating and manufacturing companies. Our buses represent Bristol at numerous rallies and events each year to which members and the general public are welcome

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